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5 Surprising World Cup Facts That People Probably Don’t Know

It is quite obvious that the biggest football event in the world is the World Cup. The tournament is the celebrated around the globe and it is put on once every four years by Fédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA. The World Cup lasts for a month and during the tournament, 32 national teams from around the world will compete in 64 matches. The main goal is, of course, to win the title of the very best football team in the whole world. As the biggest football tournament, there are plenty facts about the World Cup that will blow your mind. Below are 5 of them. 5-Surprising-World-Cup-Facts-That-People-Probably-Do-Not-Know  The Cost to Host the World Cup Almost every country in the world fights one another in order to host the World Cup. Indeed, hosting the World Cup will give lots of benefits to the country, including the automatic qualification for the national football team of the country. Have you ever wondered how much it would cost a nation to host the World Cup? The answer is: billions! For the 1994 World Cup in the USA, the cost was around $30 million. Four years later, for the 1998 World Cup in France, the amount of money increased drastically to $340 million. For the 2002 World Cup, the tournament was held in two countries: Japan and South Korea. This two-host-countries thing probably triggered the swelling of the cost. The cost to held 2002 World Cup was approximately more than $5 billion. For the next two World Cup tournaments, 2006 in Germany and 2010 in South Africa, the cost was around $6 billion and $4 billion respectively. In 2014, when the World Cup was held in Brazil, the country broke the record of hosting the most expensive World Cup in history by spending over $11.63 billion to host the World Cup. The Winner Takes All Almost every country in the world takes the World Cup very seriously. Why so? Well, basically it is because being the winner of the World Cup will give everything, literally everything, starting from respect, title as the best national football team in the world, and of course, millions dollars of prize. Indeed, in addition to all the respects and rights to brag, the country winning the World Cup will take home huge price, including $35 million dollars. The runner-up does not have to be hugely disappointed as well because FIFA awards the unlucky runner-up $25 million. Even when a country is participating in the group stage, FIFA will give $8 million dollars to the national football team. This is why every country in the world never takes the competition for granted. They have been playing all out since the very beginning of the qualification round. The-Winner-Takes-All-Italy-World-Cup How Many People Watch the World Cup? The World Cup is such a big deal indeed. It is celebrated around the world and pretty much emphasizing that football is one of the most popular kind of sport in the whole world. Because the World Cup only comes once in four year, it is not surprising that lots of people are waiting for the tournament quite badly. According to FIFA, in 2010 almost 50% of the world’s population watches the tournament. Considering that there are 7.05 billion people living in the world, it means that probably around 3.2 billion people around the world watching the World Cup. This fact seals the status for the World Cup as the world’s most widely viewed sporting event. The numbers of viewers of the tournament kept increasing in 2014. It is believed with the advanced technology like the internet where people can just stream the match anytime and anywhere, the number of people watching 2018 World Cup with agen bola piala dunia 2018 and on will be even greater. Beers and Hot Dogs During the World Cup Did you know that the most popular snack consumed in the stadiums during the World Cup is hot dog? Yes, hot dogs for snack and beers for beverages. There is nothing more delightful than watching a World Cup match live from the stadium while eating delicious hot dog in one hand and holding a bottle of beer in another. It is believed that more than 3 million bottles of beer are drunk in every World Cup tournament. 3 million bottles of beer equal to 750,000 liters of beer. As for the snack, more than 390,600 hot dogs are consumed in every World Cup tournament. It is an astonishing number considering that the amount of beers and hotdogs is equal to feed everyone in the USA for a day.No-Sex-During-the-World-Cup No Sex During the World Cup! Many football players come to the World Cup bringing their spouses or partners. However, enjoying intimate moment with their significant other would not be easy for them. In a lot of World Cup tournaments, it is believed that numerous coaches establish strict rules, including banning their players from having sex during the World Cup. Coaches from big teams like Spain, Germany, and Mexico have all known to forbid their players from having intimate moment, including coitus of course, during the tournament. The reason? Well, most of the coaches are afraid that sex would be a distraction for the players and that the players would waste a lot of energy. Despite of that, there are still coaches who manage to establish more flexible rules about intimacy between players and their significant others. Say for example, Luiz Felipe Scolari when he was the coach of Brazil. He allowed his players to have sex but the activity must be done in the “basic” way. “Acrobatic” sex was firmly forbidden. Jurgen Klinsmann, while he was coaching USA, declared that he did not have any problems with his players performing sexual activities during the event of World Cup? You decide! (Looking for streaming soccer online? Read this article) Those are several facts about World Cup that you probably don’t know. Since World Cup is a very famous tournament and a long awaited event that only comes once in four year, knowing all those facts about should enrich your knowledge about the tournament so that once the World Cup comes again, you can enjoy it even more.

Keep Up to Date by Visiting These 10 Trusted Online Football News Portals

As a football lover, you want to read the latest news or information about football especially your favorite team, right? In internet era, everything is easy to do including finding the latest football news or information. Those football sources news makes you get confused sometimes. To get reputable football news and information, you can visit the list of trusted football websites below.

football news online

ESPN Soccernet

ESPN Soccernet is a recommended portal for football lovers to enrich knowledge about football. Reading all the news posted by ESPN is the best way to keep up to date about football information. This football portal is presenting several categories to make you easy to find the information you need most. You can also find the information about the feature matches so you can check the schedule of your football team matches. The information you get here is complete including breaking news and expert opinion. There is also a complete statistic about football teams so you know the latest condition of your favorite team.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports portal is considered as a familiar online football portal. A lot of football lovers are using the services from this portal. Moreover, Sky Sports is compatible with several devices so it is more flexible to use. The interesting part, Sky Sports is posting football big news and hot issues. Even, the users of this portal or app are able to see the transfer progress by seeing it from the Transfer Window Watch. That’s why Sky Sports is a very popular football portal in United Kingdom. For the complete features and categories, you may check it by downloading the app or visiting their official website. is the place for those who want to find lighter football news. By visiting this website, you can enjoy football news in different perspective such as from the hottest gossip. There are also opinions from expert about specific football events or actions. They have breaking news category which is easily seen by the visitors. is designed for all football lovers around the world who want to find more information about the latest matches, transfer activity, leagues and cup, and even betting. If you don’t have much time to watch live football matches and news, you can also use this website. You just need to use your laptop or PC and choose “Live” category to enjoy live streaming football matches or news anywhere and anytime you want.


For most BBC visitors, they will always waiting for the gossip column. By visiting this portal, you can get a lot of knowledge related to football. Let say, you are able to read or get new insight from the expert. There is also regular up to date reports and even interactive activity. Live streaming is also ready to use so you can get the latest information only from your devices. The complete information is not only the reason why BBC becomes a popular football website. Moreover, BBC website is easy to access and also reliable enough. Because of that, BBC is still a favorite football portal although it has to compete with the other reputable website such as Sky Sports.

The Guardian

What makes The Guardian as a favorable football website is its content. Most people know The Guardian as a football website which provides valid and credible news. In fact, this website portal is not only offering valid and credible news but also well written news from expert writers. That’s why football lovers mostly use The Guardian as the source to share everything about football. Definitely, this portal is a trustworthy source and all of the news is posted with tight verification.

Euro Sport

Do you want to read and find out more about European football? Euro Sport is the best place to answer your curiosity about European football. From this website, you will get all the information about football you need most including the latest gossip. Sometimes, you want to learn or know something new, right? Just imagine if you know the latest football information in Latvia, Romania, or Russia. This website is really broadening your knowledge about European football.

News Now

News Now is a complete portal in which you are not only found football news but also any kind of news. What makes News Now interesting to visit is that this portal gives you more specific and detail angle related to specific football cases or information. You are about to see short publications which explain about specific case deeper and along with deep analysis.

The Independent

The Independent is similar to The Guardian in which this football portal serves credible and trusted news and information. This portal is supported by credible writers, interesting stories, interviews, and blogs. This is the place where you can find more than just standard football news. Even a gossip is well written to something interesting to read and discuss.

Sport Illustrated

Are the fans of the United States football? If it is so, you can check all the updates from Sport Illustrated. This website is similar to Euro Sport. To give the best and interesting topic, Sport Illustrated also has expert writers. You can also read deep and credible analysis from the experts such as Raphael Honigstein and Tim Vickery.

The Mirror

Some football lovers really like to see the latest transfer process and progress. The Mirror is the best website to visit. This online football portal has all football players’ transfer from the actual news up to the gossip. The Mirror provides you with the players who are chased, wanted, sold, signed, and many more. Probably, the weakness of this portal is the writing quality so don’t expect great writing just like when you are visiting The Guardian or The Independent but overall you still get precious information about football here.

The point is that you don’t need to confuse to find the latest information about football around the world anymore. You can make yourself up to date by visiting all of the football websites above. By visiting all of them, you are not only getting new information but also new knowledge from different point of view and perspective. Those websites make football more interesting to seek and to know.

Worst Tragedies in the History of English Football

Tragedy is never far from football, the most popular sport of all time that attracts tens of thousands of people to come to the stadium. Something happened inside the stadium, not a few also happened outside the stadium. These are some of the worst tragedies in English football history.


Bradford City Stadium

The Tragedy of Bradford City Stadium The tragic story took place at Bradford City Stadium on May 11, 1985. As the game progressed, the stadium suffered a fire incident. Worse yet, there were 56 people killed and 265 wounded. The fire that occurred at the Valley Parade Stadium was the worst event in the history of English football. Valley Parade at that time was still using the ancient design including wood as the main roof. The fateful incident occurred when Bradford faced Lincoln City. The match was held to celebrate victory won the League of Division III Football League. Exactly at 03:40 p.m. there was a fire that gobbled up the woodwork in the stadium quickly. No doubt, the audience in the stadium immediately tried to escape. However, not all survived the raging fire. The reason, there are 56 people trapped dead cannot get out of the stadium and other spectators suffered injuries. One of the TV commentators who became the main witness in the incident mentioned that there is a person who smokes causing a fire. Another witness said that burning paper could make wood in the stadium when it burned. After a fire incident, Vallet Parade earned a recovery of 2.6 million pounds to rebuild the stadium. Then, the stadium re-opened on December 14, 1986 and the England national team has tested the field. The tragedy of Superga May 4, 1949, at 4:45 pm, the airport radio in the city of Turin received a brief message from the pilot, Needigi Meroni, that the weather was so bad. Thick clouds cover the city surrounded by the Alps. The aircraft captain continued to communicate until communication broke off at 5:04 pm local time. After eight minutes after the radio signal broke off, the police on Superga’s hill gave news that there had been a tragic plane crash, right in their area. All passengers died miserably. At once the whole Italian public was overwhelmed with grief. Hundreds of police assisted by volunteers came to the scene. Italian football legends, Giovani Agnelli and Vitorio Pozzo, are among the volunteers. They are hoping that they will be able to find survivors, but they cannot find anyone; all the people who took part in the flight died. The tragic tragedy was once a sign of the end of the era of Il Grande Torino who successfully won the Serie A title five times in a row, since the 1942/43 to 1948/49 season. Of the entire squad there is only one surviving player, namely Sauro Toma. The player did not go to Lisbon because of injury. Seven of the 18 penggawa who died is the main squad of the Italian national team. One of them is the captain, Vito Mazzola. The player nicknamed captain of all these captains scored a successful 100 goals before he stepped 30 years.


Airplane Crash Superga 1949

After the tragedy, all the great achievements of Torino seemed to vanish. No longer had a series of scudetto Torino, their greatness seemed to follow “dead” in Superga tragedy. After the tragedy, Torino no longer becomes a strong team in Italy (until now). The Munich Clock: Reminder of Manchester United’s worst tragedy February 6, 1958, Manchester United squad ensure themselves qualify for the semifinals after holding the Red Star Belgrade draw 3-3, the day before. United won 2-1 in the first leg, qualifying after 5-4 on aggregate. For English football, MU’s success at that time was an important event. That’s because MU is the first team England play in the Champions League. Previously, the Football Federation (FA) has always banned the English team from participating. But MU squad cannot afford to enjoy it. They must return to Manchester to play matches in the Premier League. Not wanting to waste time, the club hired Airspeed Ambassador Aircraft belonging to British European Airways to return to Manchester. In addition to the MU squad, a number of journalists and supporters also participate in the group. Due to the limited ability to fly, the aircraft carrying them transit at Munich-Reim Airport, West Germany to refuel. Unexpectedly, the transit in Munich is the beginning of the tragedy. The Airspeed Ambassador plane failed to take off. agen sbobet terpercaya Actually, the signs of a failed flying plane had been smelled before the tragedy occurred. The aircraft suffered a two-time delay due to engine failure. When about to do a third experiment, the snow falls so the snow covers the runway. The watchtower has warned the plane not to fly and stay one night in Munich. But the aircraft pilot, Captain James Thain insisted on flying a plane carrying MU players. In an investigation that was carried out after the tragedy, Thain was found guilty by German aviation authorities. But a follow-up investigation by Britain said Thain was free of charges. According to the British, snow that melts on the runway is the cause of the accident. The tragedy of Heysel (1985) and Hillsborough (1989) These two bloody tragedies involve Liverpool fans. Tragedy Heysel took place on 29 May 1985 between Juventus against Liverpool. In one of the stands of Heysel Stadium, Belgium, where the match took place, Juventus and Liverpool fans have been throwing stones at each other.


The tragedy of Heysel 1985

At that time, the number of Liverpool fans who won the number tried to urge Juventus fans. Feeling outnumbered, Juventus fans are trying to retreat. However, they blocked the stadium walls. The wall of the stadium fell. Then, 39 people, 32 Juventus fans and 7 neutral fans, were killed by crashing wall ruins. Because of this incident, British clubs were then banned from competing in the official world championships for five years – specifically Liverpool received a year-long penalty. (Read also: Liverpool’s Most Unforgettable Moments) About five years after the Heysel Tragedy, precisely on April 15, 1989, Liverpool fans again engaged in a terrible tragedy. However, unlike previous tragedies, 96 Liverpool supporters died, and 766 people were injured.

Liverpool’s Most Unforgettable Moments

Cannot be denied, The Reds is one team with a long history. They successfully won 12 titles in Europe. The football club was found by John Houlding in 1892, Liverpool football club was transformed into a fearsome one in England, even Europe. Their golden age is during the era of Joe Fagan, Bob Paisley, and Bill Shankly.


At that time, the club achieved unparalleled dominance in British football for about twenty five years. Liverpool won 18 titles in league championship, seven wins in FA Cups, five victories in European Cups and took eight trophies of the League Cups (record). Well, there are five unforgettable moments along with the turn of the generation of players.

The great Bill Shankly

Liverpool’s successful era began in 1959 when Bill Shankly arrived. The man from Scotland came by changing the image of Liverpool football club forever. He became manager of Liverpool while managing the team in 2nd division league; signed in a five-year contract. During Shankly’s time, Liverpool was really messy both on and off the field. They are not counted in England. He ordered a full overhaul soon after his arrival. The field was rearranged, creating talents like Ron Yeats, Ian St John, and to promote talented young players like Gerry Byrne and Roger Hunt greatly.

After raising the Division II champion title (1962), Liverpool started dominance in the premier class. The club won three league titles during the Shankly’s era. During the Shankly’s era, Liverpool also won two FA Cups, four wining in Charity Shields, and took the champion title in UEFA Cup.


He had an excellent achievement on Merseyside until immortalized on one of the gates of Anfieled Stadium in 1982. Based on all of his great achievements, the greatest Shankly left a solid impression on the club like forever.

The First Victory of Europe in 1977

The great vacancy left by Bill Shankly, gave rise to the name of Bob Paisley. He successfully continued Shankly’s work perfectly in Liverpool. Of all Paisley’s brilliant successes, the most important was probably on 25 May 1977 when Liverpool, the English champion, faced German champions Borussia Monchengladbach in the European Cup final in Rome.

Terry McDermott gave Liverpool the lead in the 28th minute, but Allan Simonsen’s goal after the first half made Monchengladbach equalize. However, goals from Tommy Smith and Phil Neal (from the penalty) in the 64th and 82nd minute brought The Reeds to win the first European Cup.

The 1977 victory was the first of five European Cup wins for Liverpool. Paisley then won two more European Cups and made him the only European manager to win the trophy on three occasions until his record was equaled by Carlo Ancelotti in 2014.

The wonders of Istanbul

Memories in Istanbul are indeed quite painful for Milan supporters, but a miracle for Liverpool. Because, at that Milan actually already winning three goals in the first round.

Milan has scored a goal when the game runs one minute through Paolo Maldini. Then Hernan Crespo distanced advantage through two goals 39 and 44 minutes. However, in the second half of Liverpool was able to rise. They even successfully equalized through Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Simcer, and Xabi Alonso. The match then continued until the penalty shootout.

1989 FA Cup Final

The 1989 FA Cup final was very reminiscent of the prestige of the city. Moreover, Liverpool vs. Everton’s match just five weeks after the tragic Hillsborough Disaster.

The atmosphere before kickoff is very touching, with both supporters singing beautifully two songs, namely ‘You’ll never walk alone’ and ‘Abide with me’. Both Merseyside clubs show the world that unity and love prevail over even the bitterest competition.

With a difference of flags both clubs are proudly displayed by both sides of the fans. They showed everyone that at that time there was no Liverpool or Everton, only one English stood in solidarity with each other.

The 1984 European Cup Final

The list of great moments in Liverpool’s history is not complete without a glance at the 1984 European Cup final between the Reds and AS Roma. The Merseyside club before the match was terrorized all-out by Roma fans,

Yet their steel mentality is evident. Liverpool showed their ambition by winning ahead thanks to a goal from Phil Neal, in the 13th minute. But, their happiness was short-lived because Roberto Pruzzo equalized for Roma in the 42nd minute. The spirit of the Roma players is very high after part-time. But Liverpool’s defense was less than perfect so the match extended to extra-time and finally a penalty.

The Spaghetti technique Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar shocked the Roman executioners. So Grobbelaar succeeded in making two rescues that ultimately proved decisive. Liverpool who initially failed because of the execution of Nicol soared, but so on successful, namely Neal, Souness, Rush, and Kennedy. Score-end penalty was won by Liverpool 4-2 over AS Roma.

The legendary Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard is Liverpool, and he always does. Since his debut with Liverpool in 1998, especially since replacing Sami Hypia as captain, Gerrard has won many titles. Two FA Cup trophies, three League Cup trophies, one Champions League trophy, one UEFA Cup trophy, and two Super European trophies to be his collection with Liverpool. In July, Gerarrad will officially join the MLS member club LA Galaxy.


Since debuting with Liverpool in 1998, especially since replacing Sami Hypia as captain, Gerrard has won many titles. Two FA Cup trophies, three League Cup trophies, one Champions League trophy, one UEFA Cup trophy, and two Super European trophies to be his collection with Liverpool. In July, Gerarrad will officially join the MLS member club LA Galaxy.

The Merseyside derby between Liverpool facing Everton is one of the unforgettable moments for Gerrard. In English Premier League 2012, the captain managed to destroy the Blue with three beautiful goals. At that time the Reds coached the same living legend Kenny Dalgish.

For the first time, Gerrard was appointed captain of the team in 2003. He was appointed by coach at the time, Gerard Houllier to become team captain, replacing Sami Hyypia. For Gerrard, who was then 23 years old, holding the Liverpool captain’s armband was like a dream come true. Regardless of the judgment that Jamie Carragher and Michael Owen deemed more viable, yet it seems that Gerrard was destined to be the true leader of the Reds.